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We offer a wide array of services to help diagnose and treat your pets.

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Biopsy & Histopathology

Which patient may need a biopsy? Biopsy of the skin may be recommended in patients with progressive skin changes despite medical management. Many skin diseases can look similar clinically, and often the deeper layers of the skin can provide additional information and a diagnosis.

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Which pets can benefit from cryotherapy? The following conditions are ideal for cryotherapy:

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Intradermal Allergy Testing

Environmental (pollen, dust, dander) allergies are a common cause of itch and recurrent skin infections in animals. In order to diagnose environmental allergies, other causes of itch including food allergy and parasite need to be ruled out.

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Surgical Laser

Surgical Laser Which pets can benefit from laser surgery?  The following conditions are ideal for surgical laser use:

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Video Otoscopy

Video otoscopy is a useful tool in helping patient’s with accumulated material, foreign bodies, chronic infection, middle ear disease, or masses of the ear canal.

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It is the mission of Animal Allergy & Dermatology of Colorado to provide specialty veterinary dermatology services to your pets.

Animals are susceptible to hundreds of skin disorders. Since many of the diseases display very similar changes, recognizing the subtle differences requires advanced training.

We are able to discuss and offer a variety of treatment options for most conditions. Our job is to serve the clients and referring veterinarians of Colorado by improving the quality of pets' lives through advanced knowledge and care in the field of dermatology.