Video Otoscopy

Which patient may need a video otoscopy procedure?

Video otoscopy is a useful tool in helping patient’s with accumulated material, foreign bodies, chronic infection, middle ear disease, or masses of the ear canal.

How is video otoscopy performed?

Animal Allergy & Dermatology of Colorado utilizes a video otoscope similar to those used in human medicine for endoscopy procedures. This specialized tool allows for a highly magnified view of the deeper parts of the ear canal such as the eardrum, and the middle ear.

Additionally, instruments can be inserted through the video otoscope to grasp or biopsy objects in the ear canal, or to flush debris out of the ear canal and middle ear. Findings can be documented via photographs or video recordings. The ear canal can be sensitive, and for the safety of the patient’s they are under anesthesia for the procedure. 

Service Images
Pet Video Otoscopy
Pet Ostoscope Before
Pet Ostoscope After
Leigh performing Otoscopy