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Dermatology Colleagues – American College of Veterinary Dermatology provides a wealth of information on the specialty of dermatology in North America and current events in the field. – Dermatology specialists serving the clients and referring veterinarians of the Southwestern United States.

Hypoallergenic Diets – A leader in prescription hypoallergenic novel veterinary diets. – An invaluable resource driven by board-certified veterinary nutritionists to ensure a home cooked diet is balanced and delivering the nutrients your pet needs. – A resource for rabbit chews. - A resource for sweet potato chews. – A resource for rabbit and other meats. - Rayne carries many novel protein products.

Dog Sunsuits & Protective Wear - DogLeggs is the leader in providing therapeutic and rehabilitative coverage solutions to the veterinary market and the customers they serve. Coverage solutions are products that are placed on the outside of the animal to provide one or more of the following: padding, protection, and support. - A resource for protective sun suits for your pet.

Pet Insurance

Bacteria and Fungus Information - resource for fungal information and identification - A resource for information on methicillin-resistant staphylococcal infections.  

Allergen and Allergen Avoidance Information – A website providing pollen counts for various regions. – A resource for general information regarding environmental allergy. – A resource for general information regarding allergies. - register for local pollen count emails for your area.

Purchasing Pet Medications Online –  A warning for consumers regarding purchasing pet medications online.